Should Furniture Touch The Wall

Furniture on the wall has become a popular design method. Moving furniture from the ground to the wall frees up ground space on the one hand, and some more for storage, making it easier to clean. On the other hand, moving furniture from the


Furniture "on the wall" has become a popular design method. "Moving furniture from the ground to the wall" frees up ground space on the one hand, and some more for storage, making it easier to clean.

On the other hand, moving furniture from the floor to the wall can make the overall space look more refreshing and visually increase the space area. Some functional furniture that can be flexibly opened, closed and folded are even more powerful tools for small apartments.

So do you want to choose furniture on the wall ? Let's take a look together~

How to decorate furniture on the wall

In fact, many furniture can be installed on the wall. Xiaoqi will introduce several practical wall-mounted furniture. You can choose according to your own specific situation~

wall mounted tv

First of all, the wall-mounted furniture that Xiaoqi wants to talk about is a wall-mounted TV. Hang the TV directly on the empty TV wall, and the simple design will make the whole space spacious and atmospheric.

If you feel that the protruding TV is not beautiful enough, you can consider embedding the TV into the shape of the TV wall , and the overall design effect will be more concise.

From a safety point of view, if there are children in the home, they should be placed in the TV cabinet for fear that the children will accidentally fall over and be injured, but the wall-mounted TV has no such safety hazard at all.

Of course, wall-mounted TVs also have some small shortcomings , such as: poor heat dissipation, inconvenient wiring, inconvenient to move or replace, large and heavy TV wall-mounted installations are afraid of instability, etc. But in general, Still a good choice~

wall cabinet

Wall-mounted cabinets are storage cabinets hanging on the wall, making full use of the space on the wall to solve the problem of home storage, not only beautiful but also creative, Xiaoqi strongly recommends~

Compared with the floor-standing cabinets, the cabinets hanging on the wall are more high-rise and have no sanitary corners . Think of your own floor-standing TV cabinet. Every time you clean, although there are sweeping robots to help, but the floor-standing cabinet bottom Small gaps, robots can't get in at all, and every time you have to be half-tired to move the cabinet to clean it, hanging cabinets don't have this trouble, no matter how you clean it, it's convenient.

In addition to TV cabinets in the living room, wall-mounted cabinets such as halls, kitchens, and balcony cabinets are also very suitable for use, but try not to be too fancy when choosing, and focus on simplicity .

If there is not much space at home, and the cabinets take up a little space, you can also choose a small-area suspension rack , which has the same effect as a wall-mounted cabinet.

wall mounted table and chair

As a space-saving household item, wall-mounted tables are becoming more and more popular in daily home decoration.

When your home is a small apartment and there is no space to decorate a separate study, then a wall-mounted desk is a good choice to meet your work and study needs. It takes up much less space than a general desk and can achieve the same function.

For example, the right-angle shelf desk shown in the picture below can be firmly installed on the wall and can be used as a desk or a bar.

Open bookcases and desks made of shelves and fixing strips , and the bottom floor is used as an office table, which can put books and office stationery on it, killing two birds with one stone!

There's also a wall-mounted desk with organizer to help you organize your odds and ends and keep your desk tidy.

Some wall-mounted desks also have a shelf that can be pushed out. When you need more work space, you can pull it out, which is very convenient and practical!

In addition, chairs and stools can also be mounted on the wall. Do you have a foyer that isn't too spacious? You just need to hang the stool on the wall!

Hang it in the hallway and you will have a place to put on your shoes, put your bags, and fold them up when not in use.

(folding stool at the entrance)

wall mounted washing machine

The wall-mounted washing machine is also called a miniature drum washing machine.

The wall-mounted washing machine can be installed on the wall, saving space, the volume is the same size as a small cabinet, and it can usually wash some underwear or baby's clothes, which is very convenient.

If there are fewer people in the family and the bathroom space is small, you can choose a wall-mounted washing machine. In addition, the wall-mounted washing machine is higher than the ordinary front-loading washing machine, and does not need a pump when draining, so the drain can be drained more cleanly, and there is no need to bend over to take clothes.

It should be noted that the general household drum washing machine is 8kg to 10kg, and the wall-mounted type is generally 2.5kg or 3kg. It cannot wash larger clothes such as bedding.

In addition, Xiaoqi would like to remind everyone that wall-mounted washing machines can be large or small. When installing, you must measure the size and the wall is thick enough .

Wall Mounted Sink

Compared with the floor-standing bathroom cabinet design, the wall-mounted washbasin has a suspended bottom design, and there is no dirt on the edges and corners at all.

Moreover , all the water pipes are hidden in the wall to avoid the water pipes directly touching the ground, and it will not look bulky, and the appearance is very high.

If your home is a small bathroom, the area is not large, and the cabinets are full, which will make the whole space feel oppressive, you can choose this wall-mounted sink to hide everything that can be hidden without taking up space!


If you don't want to put furniture on the wall, but also want to save space and eliminate dead spots in hygiene, you can actually choose built-in furniture ! Common built-in furniture is mainly built-in cabinets .

However, we must pay attention to the coordination with the apartment type, so custom furniture is generally used, the size of the cabinet is customized according to the size of the apartment type, and the style of the board should also be selected to match the style of the whole room, so that the whole room will look brighter and tidy, and the style is unified. .

The above is the decoration method of furniture on the wall summarized by Xiaoqi! Do you have a choice of furniture for the wall in your home? How is it decorated? Welcome to leave a message and share in the comment area~