Best Sofa For Airbnb 2022

sofa Best Sofa For Airbnb 2022 Sofa is a foreign word, transliterated from the English word sofa. That is, the tool we sit on. It used to be called a stool . Now it is covered with leather and synthetic leather. The structure is a chair made of wood


Best Sofa For Airbnb 2022
"Sofa" is a foreign word, transliterated from the English word sofa. That is, the tool we sit on. It used to be called a stool . Now it is covered with leather and synthetic leather. The structure is a chair made of wood or steel lined with cotton wool and other foam materials. The overall is more comfortable. It is easy to make and can make the body light and light. It is one of the modern furniture commonly used in China.
Sofa is a bulk consumer product in furniture products, with a large quantity and a wide range. This standard is a revision of the QB /T1952.1-1999 standard. Compared with the original standard, the main changes are as follows:
1. Product classification: This standard mainly classifies products according to seat surface elastic materials, covering fabrics and use functions.
2. Main dimension requirements: In addition to the seat front width and seat depth in the main dimensions of the product, this standard has made corresponding adjustments and changes to the seat front and back height dimensions, and canceled the size regulation of the armrest height and the deviation of the external dimensions. Require.
3. Material requirements: ⑴. The exterior material of the product should be consistent with the logo; ⑵. The internal material of the product should not have bark; . It is specified as +1%. And in the standard appendix B (normative appendix), the equilibrium moisture content of wood in various regions of my country is added as the basis for product evaluation. ⑷. For textile fabrics, leather and artificial leather and other materials, the requirement of color fastness to dry rubbing ≥ 4 has been added.
4. Mechanical performance requirements: The mechanical performance test of this standard is based on the grading requirements of the durability of the unified seat back (the original standard stipulated the durability requirements according to the type of sofa elasticity), that is, the durability should pass: Class A 60,000 times; Class B 40,000 times times and C-class 20,000 times. The back looseness, armrest looseness and compression were adjusted accordingly.
5. Requirements for flame retardancy: Considering the development trend of the product, reduce the harm to the human body.
6. Evaluation of inspection results: product inspection is divided into type inspection and factory inspection. The inspection results are evaluated as: superior products (top products), first-class products (B-grade products), qualified products (C-grade products) and unqualified products.
Process composition
1. Woodworking
a. The solid wood is planed on four sides before assembly, making each frame more delicate and beautiful. b. The back, sides and armrests of the sofa frame are all packaged with high-quality fiberboard.
c. In order to improve the structure and strengthen the frame, each joint of the frame is positioned with a fully and precisely cut wooden tripod, and fixed with glue and screws. d. Use a straight nail gun to ensure the firmness of each interface.
2. Contracting process
a. The frame is covered with a layer of 2-4cm thick recycled high-resilience sponge (especially the armrest is made of 2-4cm thick recycled high-resilience sponge and then pasted with 2-4cm thick high-resilience sponge to ensure that the human body does not touch the armrest of the sofa . Directly feel the wooden frame), and then stick a layer of felt cloth on the surface to minimize the friction between the fabric and the frame.
b. Use a horse tack gun to ensure the firmness of important parts such as bandages.
3. Sewing process
The surface sewing adopts an electric high-speed lockstitch machine, the stitches are even and flat, and each piece of fabric is treated with trivial edges.
Sofa has become a necessary piece of furniture for many households. There are generally three types of sofas on the market: low-back sofas , high-back sofas and ordinary sofas between the first two. The following three kinds of features are introduced for consumers to choose and buy.
1. Low-back sofa: It is a light chair that belongs to the rest type. It supports the user's waist (lumbar vertebra) with a support point. The height of the backrest of the sofa is relatively low, generally about 370 mm from the seat surface, and the angle of the backrest is also small, which is not only conducive to rest, but also makes the outer size of the entire sofa corresponding Zoom out. This kind of sofa is more convenient to move, light, and occupies a small area.
2. High-back sofa: also known as aviation-style seat. It is characterized by three fulcrums, which make people's waist, shoulders and back of the head lean on the curved backrest at the same time. These three support points do not form a straight line in space, so the technical requirements for making this sofa are relatively high, and it is also difficult to choose when purchasing. To make a wooden frame for a high-back sofa, the turning surface formed by three points must be clearly made on the frame, otherwise it will be difficult to ensure the position of the support point during the process of masking the sofa, which will bring discomfort to the user. When purchasing a high-back sofa, pay attention to whether the composition of the three support points on the back is reasonable and appropriate, which can be judged by the test seat. High-back sofas evolved from lounge chairs . In order to improve the rest performance, it can also be used as a footrest . Before placing the sofa, its height can be the same as the front edge of the sofa seat .
3. Ordinary sofa: It is a common type of home sofa. Most of these sofas are sold on the market. It has two supporting points to support the user's lumbar vertebrae and thoracic vertebrae , and can obtain the effect of matching the curved surface with the back of the body. The angle between the backrest and the seat surface of this type of sofa is very important. Too large or too small an angle will cause the user's abdominal muscles to be strong and fatigued. Similarly, the width of the seat surface of the sofa should not be too large, usually within 540 mm according to the standard requirements, so that the user's calf can adjust the sitting posture at will and rest more comfortably.
Maintenance of leather sofa
1. After sitting for a long time, you should always tap the seat part and edge to restore the original state and reduce the slight depression caused by mechanical fatigue due to concentrated sitting force.
2. When placing the leather sofa, it should be kept away from heat-dissipating objects to avoid direct sunlight causing the leather to crack and fade.
3. Leather is a natural material that requires only simple and basic care. It is recommended to wipe with distilled water and a soft cloth every week, and maintain with colorless shoe wax or balm once a month.
4. If there is dirt on the leather, wipe it with a clean damp sponge and a mild detergent, then let it dry naturally. Try it on an inconspicuous corner before use.
5. If the beverage is overturned on the leather, immediately dry it with a clean cloth or sponge, wipe it with a damp cloth, and let it dry naturally.
6. For the newly purchased leather sofa, first wash the wet towel with clean water, wring it dry, wipe off the dust and dirt on the sofa surface, and then wipe the sofa surface with a care agent once or twice (do not use waxy care products), In this way, a protective film is formed on the surface of the dermis, so that the dirt in the future is not easy to penetrate into the pores of the dermis, which is convenient for future cleaning.
7. Avoid sharp objects from scratching the leather.
8. To avoid oil stains, ballpoint pens, inks, etc. to stain the sofa. If you find any stains on the sofa, you should immediately clean it with leather cleaner. If there is no leather cleaner, you can use a clean white towel dipped in a little alcohol to lightly wipe the stain, then dry it with a dry wet towel, and then use a protective agent for care .
9. The daily care of the sofa can be wiped with a wrung-out wet towel. After about 2-3 months, use a leather cleaning agent to clean the sofa, or use a household vacuum cleaner to absorb the dust on the sofa surface.
10. In order to prolong the service life and prevent children from jumping and playing on the sofa, the body with sweat should not directly contact the sofa.
11. The sofa should be placed 5-10cm away to keep it ventilated.
12. Avoid direct sunlight on the sofa. If the living room is often exposed to sunlight, you may wish to adjust the position of several sofas at intervals to prevent the color difference from being obvious; if the humidity is high, you can use the weak sunlight from 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning Irradiation for seven days, 1 hour a day, about once every 3 months.
Fabric sofa maintenance
1. Vacuum at least once a week, and pay attention to remove dead corners and dust accumulation between fabric structures .
2. If the mat can be turned over and used, it should be turned over once a week to make the wear evenly distributed. You can also take the cushion outdoors and beat it frequently to loosen the internal fibers and maintain the elasticity of the sofa.
3. If there are stains, you can wipe it off with a clean rag dipped in water. In order not to leave marks, it is best to wipe it from the periphery of the stain. Velvet furniture should not get wet, dry cleaning should be used .
4. All cloth covers and bushings should be cleaned by dry cleaning, not washable or bleached.
5. If the thread is found to be loose, do not break it with your hands, but cut it neatly with scissors.