Best Sofa Bed For Airbnb 2022

sofa bed Best Sofa Bed For Airbnb 2022 Sofa bed refers to furniture that can be used both as a sofa and a bed. Modern living room layout advocates simplicity, and multi-functional furniture is increasingly becoming the choice of the public. Sofa bed


sofa bed
Best Sofa Bed For Airbnb 2022
Sofa bed refers to furniture that can be used both as a sofa and a bed. Modern living room layout advocates simplicity, and multi-functional furniture is increasingly becoming the choice of the public. Sofa bed is one of them. In a small apartment, in order to meet the needs of occasional visitors, a sofa bed is necessary.
Under normal circumstances, the sofa bed can be placed in the living room or study to function as a seat; when guests arrive at night, unfold the sofa bed and put a quilt on it to become a bed. In ordinary units such as three bedrooms and two living rooms, the sofa bed can also be used in addition to the guest bed to help the host cope with occasional visits from multiple guests. Choosing a suitable sofa bed is exquisite. To meet the two functions of sitting and lying, the sofa bed must be durable and beautiful, and its material and craftsmanship should be guaranteed.
Cleaning and maintenance
1. First of all, it is necessary to vacuum regularly. If it can be done once a week, the armrests, backrests and gaps of the sofa must also be taken into account. Of course, it can also be wiped with a towel. However, when using a vacuum cleaner, do not use a suction brush to prevent damage to the weaving thread on the textile cloth and make the cloth fluffy, and avoid sucking with extra-large suction, which may cause the weaving thread to be torn off, so consider using a small vacuum cleaner to clean.
2. Secondly, clean the sofa with detergent once a year, but the detergent must be washed off afterward, otherwise it is more likely to be stained with dirt. As for the choice of cleaning agent, you can choose a special cleaning agent containing antifouling agent. Some silicone sprays have a dustproof effect and can be sprayed once a month.
3. The fabric sofa of the sheath can generally be cleaned. The elastic sleeves can be washed at home in the washing machine, and the larger cotton or linen sleeves can be taken to the laundromat. When ironing the sheath, it should be noted that some elastic sheaths are easy to dry and iron-free. Even if you want to iron, the appearance of the fabric should be considered, so ironing the inner side of the sheath is more suitable. If the sheath is cotton, it should not be ironed.
4. If the pad is movable, it should be turned over once a week to distribute the wear evenly. General fabric sofas are made of sponge cushions. Therefore, it is recommended not to sit in one position for too long, and often sit in another position, so that the sponge will not deform and become ugly.
Buying skills
1: The size of the sofa bed is suitable
When choosing a sofa bed, don't blindly consider the appearance and color of the sofa bed, comfort is also very important, and this is reflected in the size. The size of each part of the sofa should adapt to the curve of the human physiological structure and conform to ergonomic principles, so that whether it is sitting or lying down, it will be more comfortable.
The height of the sofa bed seat is preferably between 35-42 cm, which is about the height of a person's calf. Too high or too low is not conducive to the relaxation of human muscles. The seat depth is between 48-55 cm. When the back is as close as possible to the back of the sofa, the knees should still be outside the seat surface. From the ground, the height of the backrest of the sofa bed should be between 68-72 cm. Within this range, the comfort is the strongest. In addition, the inclination of the backrest should preferably be between 100-108 degrees, and the height of the armrest should be between 62-65 cm.
2: The structure of the sofa bed should be firm
Whether the frame structure of the sofa bed is firm is the most important criterion for measuring the quality of the sofa bed, and it is also the basic guarantee for the firmness and durability of the sofa bed. If the sofa bed adopts a wooden frame, it is best to open the base lining to check whether the wood is smooth or not. A good wooden frame should have no signs of moth, scars and decay.
The "variation" of the sofa bed mainly includes "flip" and "push-pull". No matter which method is used, during the "modification" process, it should feel smooth, moderate resistance, and stable and firm after each part is in place.
3: The spring cushion of the sofa bed should not be too soft
The quality and comfort of the sofa bed spring mattress is of the utmost importance as the sofa bed has the dual function of a sofa and a bed. Moreover, when choosing, the softer spring mattress is not the better. The mattress with moderate softness and hardness can evenly disperse the weight of the human body, strengthen the support ability of the spine, and relieve physical fatigue.
4: Fabric sewing should be meticulous
Most sofa beds on the market are fabrics, so when purchasing, it is best to choose sofa beds with thicker fabrics, which are more durable. The warp and weft threads of the fabric should be meticulous, tight and smooth, with no jumping wires and exposed joints. In addition, the stitches at the sewing places of adjacent fabrics should be uniform and straight. Good quality fabrics will have high color fastness, good antistatic and flame retardant properties.
5: The wrapping cloth should fit naturally
Wrapping, that is, the fit between the fabric and the contents. A good wrapping cloth should be flat, and the transition between the armrest, the seat surface and the backrest should be natural and smooth, without wrinkles. Especially if the sofa bed has some curved positions in the design, you should check it carefully to see if the wrapping cloth is smooth and smooth. In addition, pay attention to the stitching of the wrapping cloth on the design and color - whether the stitching of the pattern in two different positions is coordinated, and if it is a striped pattern, pay attention to whether the stripes are twisted and inclined.