Best Camping Stool 2022

Folding chairs are the most important equipment in camping activities besides bedding. When camping, we spend most of the time sitting. Compared to sitting on the wet grass, a comfortable and portable camping chair will greatly increase our happiness


Folding chairs are the most important equipment in camping activities besides bedding.

When camping, we spend most of the time sitting. Compared to sitting on the wet grass, a comfortable and portable camping chair will greatly increase our happiness outdoors, whether it is emptying, chatting, cooking, lighting a fire , a chair makes outdoor life instantly comfortable.

In addition, the application scenarios of camping chairs are very rich, which can meet people's needs for rest in a variety of outdoor scenarios. In addition to camping, fishing, picnics, motorcycle trips, hiking, and chairs can all play an important role.

In camps, parks, beaches, tidal flats, and some uneven ground, people with chairs can easily sit and enjoy the view.


we took a look at all the camping chairs on the market , and divided them into 5 categories for comparison and introduction, so that everyone can have a general understanding of camping chairs and clarify their choice direction.

01 / small bench


Style Analysis

The outdoor bench is small and easy to store, and many small horses can be stored in a palm-sized piece. Because it has no backrest, the comfort is relatively general .

There are many types of outdoor small stools. In addition to the most common Maza, there are also various styles of folding stool designs.


Application scenarios

Because the bench is small, it can be easily put on and left in many occasions such as fishing, outdoor markets, etc. Bench is generally relatively short, suitable for activities close to the ground such as making a fire.

The application scenarios of the small bench are also rich and diverse. When camping, it can be used as a seat, can also be used as a base for other equipment, and can even be used for firewood storage. The application scenarios are very rich.


02 / Moon Chair

Style Analysis

The moon chair should be the most comfortable chair to sit outdoors. Its biggest feature is its egg-shaped, arc-shaped seat surface, ergonomic design experience, comfortable and wrapping . No wonder some netizens commented that "go through Ge You's paralysis to the end".

▷ Helinox

When it comes to moon chairs, I have to mention the Korean outdoor brand Helinox. Their chairs won the German ISPO Exhibition Equipment Award and the German Red Dot Design Award as soon as their chairs were launched. The chairs are very stylish, lightweight, durable, and load-bearing. excellent.

Helinox chairs come in a wide variety, but the constant is comfort and lightness . The product line of chairs is roughly divided into Tactical Chair Series and Chair home. The chairs come in large and small sizes, and the low center of gravity design is more suitable for rough terrain.


Helinox also has a very cute "rocking chair". After assembly, you can shake it without drinking and enjoying the moon and the scenery, not to mention how comfortable it is.

The downside is that the chair must be rocked on flat ground, and the rocking chair will not work on gravel and potholes.


Application scenarios

Outdoors, the moon chair is more suitable for lying, daze, emptying, and chatting. Both the back and the seat surface of the Moon Chair are sloping, suitable for reclining back.

Some moon chairs have higher legs. If you bend over to work, you will feel a little stuck in your calf, which is not very convenient. You should consider the usage scene when choosing.


03 / Log Chair

Style Analysis

The log chair is the best outdoor chair. The natural hand-made texture of wood is in harmony with the outdoors, and it is strong and stable. Of course, the wooden chair looks good, but it is far less lightweight than the alloy chair frame, and it is more suitable for self-driving camping.

▷ Kermit Chair

Among the styles of log chairs, the more classic Kermit Chair is the Kermit Chair. This kind of chair was first designed by the American outdoor furniture brand Kermit Chair, originally because Mr. Kermit, a motorcycle enthusiast, wanted to design a chair that could be placed on a motorcycle and spent a long night by a campfire.


The Kermit chair is entirely handcrafted, with a textured white oak body that is sturdy enough to be portable and easy to disassemble. The Kermit chair can be simply folded up into a flat shape for easy movement, or the chair accessories can be disassembled into a small bag to put in a bag.

▷ Blue Ridge chair

Blue Ridge chair is an outdoor table and chair manufacturing brand from North Carolina, USA, that is keen on wood craftsmanship. It has always insisted on using high-quality wood to make high-quality products, which are beautiful and durable.

04 / folding chair

Style Analysis

A typical folding chair may be similar in shape to a chair at home. Most of the chairs are flat and have high stability, making them suitable for dining.

▷ Snow Peak

The Snow Peak chair is also a leader in the camping chair industry: the overall shape of the chair incorporates a bit of the curved covering of the moon chair, and the overall lines fit smoothly.

The seat surface is wider and flatter, and the limbs are more relaxed when sitting up, and there is no feeling of pinching the thighs. The sitting feeling is relatively stiff, and the flat seat surface makes us very comfortable whether we are leaning forward for dining or lying back.

In addition to the relatively large storage volume, this chair is very good in terms of sitting, weight, and appearance.

Below are some common folding chair styles.

05/ Double chair

Style Analysis

Double chairs have a bit of a couch feel, so some people call them "sofa camping chairs". Suitable for autumn and winter, multi-person camping.

The double chair itself is very spacious and very comfortable to sit on. If a (sister) friend visits your tent, the double chairs can easily bring them closer together.

In winter, a folding chair can be added with a warm seat cover or a blanket, which can easily improve the appearance and warmth and comfort.


After learning about the many styles of camping chairs, here are a few things to keep in mind when buying a camping chair:

▷ Experience it yourself

It is very important to experience it yourself! Before you plan to buy your own camping chair, you can try a friend's chair first. Don't rely on imagination to buy a chair, after all, everyone's personal experience of comfort will be different.

Some chairs may be good for a daze, but eating, cooking, and chatting with friends can get stuck in your thighs or upset your stomach.

After considering the usage scene of the chair, the carrying space of the car and other factors, if the chair is not comfortable after buying it, please return it immediately.

▷ Storage

Storage volume and comfort are inversely proportional. A chair with a large storage volume is better in terms of stability and support, at the cost of leaving a certain position in the rear compartment for the chair.

After storage, it is generally a flat sheet-like chair, which may need to be stored first, stuffed under the trunk first, and then stacked with other equipment. After the storage is a column-shaped chair, which can be placed flexibly according to its weight, and can be placed on a backpack, motorcycle, etc.

▷ Height

Generally, tables and chairs are used together. When choosing a chair, you should consider the combination of the chair surface and the table. High chairs are matched with high tables, and low chairs are matched with low tables to avoid the embarrassment caused by uneven heights of tables and chairs.

Buying a chair is the same as camping itself. There is no need to force it to be in place once. We can gradually have different experiences and needs according to the different times of camping and the environment. Friends who want to start an outdoor camping life may wish to buy a chair and sit down outdoors and enjoy the beautiful scenery~